Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rabbit Update

Back in the day when I was a young pup in this land of blogs, I heard Let’s Pretend We’re Bunny Rabbits at Dane’s site and came to appreciate – okay, really like – The Magnetic Fields. As I have listened to the song, and occasionally acted like the bunny, I never imagined I was to own a Rabbit. But own one I do – a beautiful iVibe Waterproof job. Now I had considered surprising my wife, but was a little concerned that she would make a mistake with an unexpected box - ask questions, open it – in front of the little ones, open it even alone and wonder what I was planning to do with a very formidable looking device. So I told her the story.

Based on past experience with the USPS I figured I had time to prepare for the arrival. Not. Monday night there it is – a box in my closet, but it is open. My wife, expecting another package of similar size opened it, but no problem: inside the box is a sealed white envelope. No one would ever know – not from the box, not from the label and not from the innards. One would have to delve deep to learn what lurks within the box and worse – within my heart.

Time to inspect. OMG. Actually, OMFG: it is serious looking. Has a little weight like any good tool. Lots of combinations – I do the math. I believe there are nine different permutations between the traditional vibrator (not sure what else to call it, though traditional seems, well, insufficient) and the clit massager. I look at it, happy for my wife, and trying to figure out how it can help us bi/gay guys. I suspect there is a way.

The test drive will have to wait – this is not a weeknight, kids wandering around the house experience. This deserves a weekend, a glass of wine, a little attention. But one thing is perfectly clear already – this is far and away the most intense sex toy this pup has ever owned and it will do things that I cannot even imagine. As my profile indicates I am middle aged and my will at times greatly exceeds my way. I just hope that I do not find myself replaced by the stamina of four AA’s.

Thank you Rabbit Lady - we will keep you posted within the boundaries of my ever decreasing modesty.

While I do believe my meager tech abilities should allow the embedded links to work, the Rabbit Lady, or at least her wares, can be found at:


Paul said...

I followed the link. And, OMG is right. Unusual your new toy is!

I'm not even sure I'd know how to use it. Did it come with instructions? Or is it like most things related to sex, you have to get the eduction from your buddies ... or be willing to learn by trial and error?

bear said...

Whoa this looks serious. I'm surprised it doesn't come with handlebars and a kickstand!
I'm confused too, who's is this Have you ever done this before and how will the rabbit part help? (I have a blog entry on "bottoming" you might want to read if you never did this before...)

Al said...

I held one once in an Anne Summers shop. I just gripped it in my hand and turned it on. My word. Even just the massage of my hand felt good. What, I thought, would it be like to be a woman and have this send your eyes rolling back. And why, I wondered, didn't they have a version for the guys.

The idea of using the standard one briefly crossed my mind, but the idea rode straight passed. I'm intrigued to hear how it works for you.