Friday, November 03, 2006

He's Back

Actually I never left nor did I ever intend to. My blog is here to stay.

Recently I wrote of not repeating myself, trying to avoid the rut of self flagellation which has become thematic around here. My perceived solution to this problem is to try to broaden my perspectives, both on TGT and on other things dear to my heart.

Carrie gets it: she, with regret, points out that I am not capable of stopping. What I see as validation she sees as adoration. I tell her what I love most is when I am not adored, when I receive constructive comments, when I am “called”, but truth be told seeing my stat counter at 50 or 60 visits a day does supply massive gratification and validation.

When I start to repeat myself, the literary version of drool, please tell me for then it will be time to pack the tent. Until then, Carrie is right: I am not capable of leaving what has become a second home to me.

Technical Question:
Should I be switching to Beta? Any advice appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I like beta. One is able to effortlessly change their template (I changed my template in about 15 minutes with beta, compared to a full day with the HTML Blogger). There are a few minor glitches with posting comments, but they've been mostly rectified.

The best advice I can give you, should you make the change, is to save a copy of your current template, with your links in a Word file before you get started.

Viviane said...

IMHO, not yet. That's why it's called 'Beta.' But that's my 2 cents.

And yes, you should always have a backup of your template.