Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Saving Graces

In these somewhat stressful times there are still moments to savor. Recently I had two such times.

This weekend I spent some time with my favorite niece – a gay adult with a partner. She does not know of my current times though that is soon to be corrected. We are getting in her car – she driving and me riding shotgun – and her partner and my child are in the backseat. In response to my offering to close the rear door, her partner notes her leg is still out and she wants to remain a biped. My kid chimes in “What’s Bi?”

My niece and I look at each other and the family sense of humor kicks in: she and I have broad grins on our face. Maybe she suspects more than she is letting on and maybe its just those genetic similarities.

This morning I wake in the early dawn hours, still tremendously tired. Not wanting to toss and turn, I take matters into my own hands and the next thing I know is the alarm – another day. I tell KA of being in the middle of a dream. A few of us are on our way to a Springsteen concert – driving down the Jersey Turnpike. Looking at the tickets we realize that the show is in a small theatre and we are lost (who wouldn’t be – this is New Jersey – kidding guys). We need to go to the rest area and get directions.

KA interrupts: “Was McGreevy there?” Cold. Fair but cold. No need to continue this dream.

She takes the first shower and I comment afterwards how quick it was.
KA (smiling): I didn’t leave you enough time?
Nate (smiling back): I did that earlier to go back to sleep. Best sleep aid ever.
KA (really smiling now): Oh, that’s when you were thinking of McGreevy.

All in good fun and left us both with smiles. But as the old saying goes – There are no jokes. I could explain that I have never done a rest stop and the Jim was probably not in the fancy turnpike ones anyway, but there is no percentage in going there. Can almost hear the response – Oh you only did the adult bookstores.

Yes the landscape has changed. Not all badly, not with any malice, but a different place where words and stories take on their own new meaning. Still all in all, we can laugh and that is the ultimate saving grace.

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