Monday, July 17, 2006

Ode to The Troll

Troll put this little quiz up and clearly I have too much time (I wish) but figured if I am dumb enough to take it, I might as well post it.

The thing is that as Troll so correctly noted, if I did this quiz every day for a week, there would be seven different Nates. It was particularly distressing to answer so many questions and end up with requiring a tie breaker to see who I am.

I had to choose a preference:
1. Do girls get you turned on more than guys?
2. Do you often smile sweetly?

Clearly the writer of the quiz has a thing for sweet smiles (it keeps popping up in many questions), so having no clue as to my smile, I decided if he wants sweet smiles that much, I should have one.

Of course the real issue is if the Nate's and Troll's of the world could figure out who we "are" maybe we could skip the quizzes.

You scored as The all-round cute gay guy. YOu are a cute guy who many would die to be with..........lucky!!

The all-round cute gay guy




Raging Queer


A Big Bear


Straight Acting


S + M guy


Straight Queer Basher


What type of Gay are YOU?
created with

All this and no place for bi...


Spider said...

I wanted to take the quiz, but it takes me to RATS!

Paul said...

I'd say it looks like you present yourself equally st8 AND cute. You must be the preppy type.

A Troll At Sea said...


If this weren't so funny, it would be sad. Or is it the other way around?


Anonymous said...

Corrected link

mark said...

I guess I would be a your site