Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today I was blessed with being able to be a reader, a reader of incredible, touching, moving writing. Sis sent me an e-mail, with a link:

I know you’re scared, and with good reason. But do you ever read Always Aroused Girl’s blog? She had a great post the other day that I thought reflected on your situation. BIRTH This is your chance to be reborn.
Better late than never.

I read the post, and read it again. Then I realized that Carrie deserved – no, needed – to share in this and I forwarded her the e-mail from Sis. Later that day Carrie wrote Sis back, and copied me:

Hi Sis,
Thank you for sharing that post with Nate. He forwarded it to me. Her words touched me because they are the ones I have been trying to get him to hear. It is so hard to love someone and yet know you must push them out of the nest. It is not unlike sending a child off to college. When the time comes, you have to know you've done your best and hope you have given enough of a base for them to succeed. I have no doubt that when Nate has to fly he will, but he will hang onto the last branch as long as he can.
Thanks again,

I read her words, and read them again and was struck by the imagery of flight for it was driving back from the airport Sunday, driving home, that I was struck by the lyrics from If This Is Goodbye

Your bright shining sun
Would light up the way before me
You were the one
Made me feel I could fly
And I love you
Whatever is waiting for me
If this is goodbye
If this is goodbye
Mark Knopfler


AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I'm glad that the post helped. I'll check back often to see how you are doing.

Flip said...


This insight into the nature of your relationship has really helped me understand why I can stop beating my head against the brick wall regarding yours and Nate's situation.

I had never thought of you as a mama bird attempting to push the papa bird out of the nest, but I guess it makes perfect sense. I now realize your's and Nate's relationship is very different from the relationship I have/am trying to (re)develop with my wife. I have been guilty of projecting my life onto Nate's life in my communications with him.

All the best to you, Nate and all the kids,


Marlan said...

Ah, a Mark Knopfler song. His latest album with Emmylou Harris is full of good stuff too.

Spider said...


You are an amazing woman - and what I think Nate doesn't understand is that your pushing him out of the nest is not due to not loving him - but is due to caring deeply for him - and allowing him to grow to be the person he is AND allowing you to blossom into the woman you are... and to allow the two of you to move YOUR relationship to a new level - a level where it needs to be now inorder to be positive and loving for both of you...

You are a wise woman my dear - Nate is DAMN LUCKY to have you.


Anonymous said...
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