Saturday, October 28, 2006

Farmer Nate

While I have not posted my address here, I suspect most of you have figured it out: a suburban resident of a major city. To say that I lack the skills of an agrarian society would be quite the understatement. My thumb is brown and a few years ago at a stocked pond we were unable to catch a fish.

But our house has an interesting remnant from the last owners – two persimmon trees. Very nice trees and quite the fruit bearers: only one problem – we do not love persimmons. Still last weekend I brought out the ladder and went a picking.

It is a quite a catch – a bag overflowing with a fruit I do not eat. So a little while ago when Carrie gave me a small list from the green grocers (or as they are referred to in our region, the Koreans) it seemed like a perfect opportunity to become a true farmer and profit from our tree.

It was quite the scene at the store – not many people bring in fruit to sell and even less have persimmon trees – but after much looking and back and forth I sold the bag - $10. Now while I like money as much as the next person (and according to Carrie more than most) the $10 will not have an impact on my finances. But I walked out of that store with a shit eating grin on my face, a grin worth far more than the $10 (which was already spent on ingredients for tonight’s dinner.


Anonymous said...

What's for dinner? -JM

Nate said...

Hey JM - send me an e-mail sometime- Who are you:)

Being you asked, Carrie cannot help herself. A simple dinner with close friends has become (all homemade):

Stuffed fried wontons
Squash Soup
Roast Beef
Mashed potatoes
A medley of winter veggies (squash things)
Oriental snow peas and shitake mushrooms

Red or white wine

Desert to be supplied by our friends.

Ian said...

Hey Nate,

For the next time you go to market...

Scroll down to Fruit Terminal Market Prices by Commodity then click on 'Persimmons'