Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wizard Time

Recently on a visit to Jefferson I happened on a post concerning the about.com top five bi blogs. He of course was teasing as to his number 5 slot – I believe a random thing – and who he might sleep with to move up the list. I did offer myself, but I suspect he realizes I have no juice in this one.

What really struck me were the comments. Now I am not surprised that his friends rallied around as friends should, but one comment stood out. Marcus pointed out that there were MAJOR FLAWS with all of the other bi blogs, and with a kind nod in my direction mentions even Nate’s.

At the beginning of the Lord of The Rings the scene cuts from ugliness in Middle Earth to a green glowing Shire and as Gandalf rides up on his wagon, Frodo jumps aboard and announces that Gandalf is late. Gandalf tokes on his pipe and announces that a wizard is never early and never late but is always precisely on time.

That is the way I feel about this blog. That so many choose to share my ride represents a level of validation beyond my wildest expectations, but ultimately this is my ride. And all I write is me. I have touched on music and am considering a get out the vote post (this could be our year if we put up some money for the Democrats), but this is all about me and is therefore always on right on time.

There was another aspect to all of this. Jefferson gives voice to many of our fantasies. This world needs that. I try to give voice to the bi/gay married man, trying to navigate treacherous shoals. This world needs that also. The five bi blogs in the list are a random list, clearly not scientific and clearly not compiled by one of our own. Yet it does cover differing segments of our community. And that is good.


Anonymous said...

Those of us that blog all have our own reasons and those reasons are as varied as the individuals that we are, flaws and all. All blogs are journeys of self-discovery to some degree no matter if they are gay, straight, or bi. We all have people that drop by to read, maybe some can relate, maybe they agree, maybe they don't, some leave comments, others read and leave, in any case it is still our journey, flaws and all. May your journey continue for a long time.

Jefferson said...

This is one reason I keep coming back to your blog. It is grounded in a reality familiar to all of us who are (or have been) bi and committed. It's real--and the commmentary on music and such only makes it more so.

As you suggest, there is no right or wrong way to do this.