Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rabbits - The Last Word

The Rabbit is impressive and I have blushingly admitted to trying it. The thing is that I am not the target market – it is inherently a product for females, creatures with parts for that “ear” to work on. It was always my hope that someone else try it – both for their pleasure and selfishly because, at least to me, there is nothing as exciting as seeing one’s partner excited.

So finally it is requested – shyly but clearly. Certain details are not for the blog but one thing is clear. The Rabbit works as advertised. And watching it do its magic works for me. My vision was the Rabbit would stand in for me when… well I am not getting younger. Little did I realize it would prove so motivating. Let’s just say there is life, new life, after that little bunny. And that works for us both.

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