Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Before a post lands here, it is an idea, considered, drafted in my brain - often when sleeping should be the preferred pastime, and eventually typed, edited and posted. So when I did a post earlier today, it's genesis was probably 72 hours prior.

Therefore little could I imagine that the Yankees, or more correctly a Yankee would be the subject of such sadness within a few short hours of my actually posting.

I considered deleting my post, but ultimately it is not about the Yankee players who had a season to be proud of, or their fans: just a problem with the current owner, a man whose last message to his players was "unacceptable".

A sad day indeed for a man and his family. Rest in peace Cory.


Anonymous said...

I thought of the bitter irony (or maybe timing) of your post when it was finally determined that he had died in the plane crash.

Funny, I think of you when my thoughts are music as well.

Spider said...

When I heard of the news I thought of your post also... was probably flying as a way to escape thing that had happened over the past several days...

May be he with the angels now... (and not the LA Angels, that would not be a good thing...)