Tuesday, September 26, 2006


There is a blood shortage in our region - saw the whole story on the TV news.

There is a blood van in the parking lot - see it right out my window.

And there is nothing I can do.


SD said...

Ah, Nate, because of a chronic illness, there would be nothing that I could do either. You may think our situations are different because your reasons are due to a conscious choic, but is it? Really?

Cheer up, mate.

Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I used to give blood every 56 days or whatever. Now... Oh well.

Paul said...

Ah. The requirement for honesty presents itself in many forms.

Do you think some people lie inorder to just donate blood? Or to provide a cover?

Is it better to be honest with yourself? Or honest for the common good?

No answer required.

brad said...

I have am O-,therefore my blood can be used by any person on the planet. This is known as "red tag" blood in my area. The ER's put a red sticker on it to identify it. That way when a critical patient comes in and time is of the essence to save a life, they can grab the red-tagged O- blood and give it to the patient without having to take the time to type the patient first.

Nate, I lie for the common good.

Nate said...

I received an off-line comment that really should have been here.

If the potential loss of your wife and family wasn’t enough reason to keep sex with men in your fantasies rather than real life, it’s not like the potential loss of your ability to donate blood was going to do it. So, you know, just have some perspective is all I’m saying.