Friday, February 24, 2006

Into The Day

Driving to work this morning after another pre-dawn conversation, I was heading east, the sky was light with the pre-dawn glow, a sliver of moon off to the side. And as I watched the sky brighten, the ridge line of clouds low on the horizon, I thought that I am no longer sure where I am, I surely have no idea where I will end up, but I am driving into the day.


P/O said...

man, i know that feeling... roll down the windows, and enjoy the drive! :)

Bibydays said...

"Hey what else can we do now
Except roll down the window
And let the wind blow
Back your hair
Well the night’s busting open
These two lanes will take us anywhere"

Didn't think of it until reading your comment - still my favorite Springsteen song, particularly in the early versions - Thunder Road

Anonymous said...

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