Tuesday, February 21, 2006

On Blogging

Last week my wife had her first meeting with her new therapist - her appropriate response to my ongoing bombshells. Afterwards she went and told her friend that I was bi - a subject of my last post.

Both women had the same set of responses - surprise, interest, concern... And both of them had the same response to the fact that I have a Blog - OMFG!!!

On some level I understand it - I managed to tell KA that I was engaging in a regualr pattern of sex with men, yet struggled for three weeks to tell her of my blog. I was clearly worried about her reaction - would she be angry I am sharing our secrets with the world, even if it is anonymously, or would she be upset that I do not consider this world to be "anonymous" in that I feel like I know many of you at this point.

It turns out that the shock is the perception, maybe true, that if I have a blog I have taken being bi to a level beyond a casual encounter to a point of some "committment". Of course I suppose it proves a basic underlying truth - how much of our sexuality is in the brain, not the genitals.

So much for a quick two line post: time to start the working week.
Thanks for reading.

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Flip said...

Hi, haven't read your blog for a while - I seem to have trouble keeping up with all the blogs I want to read.

Your continuing story is very interesting to me - many similarities, and icing on the cake...a quote from a Jackson Browne song.
I am working at making my queerness a non-issue in my life rather than the elephant in the living room. I have the ongoing struggle between my desires and honesty with my wife. Right now honesty is winning and it feels good. But fulfilling my desires has felt good in the past, too. So I take it one day at a time.

Thanks for sharing. I shall definitely be a regular now.