Friday, February 24, 2006


Good and bad, I define these termsQuite clear, no doubt, somehow,
but I was so much older then,I'm younger than that now

As we spoke last night I ran into a problem with words. Now I love words, the running joke at home is my use of “SAT” words in conversation, and there is usually a perfect word for any moment.

So last night we were discussing the Kinsey scale which rates activity as being from 0 to 6 – pure heterosexual to pure homosexual – and what number I would be and as we discussed it I realized that I could say I was bi, I could say I have given men blowjobs, but I had real – very real – difficulty in saying out loud that when I was with a man, I was having homosexual sex. Now it seems silly – the word is the perfectly correct, but even typing it here I find myself back to “modifiers” to soften the blow.

I read Woe the other day and he said:
To keep it simple I will just be using the term gay from here on out. Typing out "bi possibly gay" is a waste of time.

A simple enough statement on his part but after last night I realize my recurring post title is relevant – “something so simple and so huge.” Sorry for not appreciating the distance you must have traveled to write that.

I guess the lesson of the week for me is that I still have much to strip away before I can consider rebuilding.

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woe said...

A courageous post my friend. No sorry necessary.

It seems we are all on the same road heading in the same direction, sometimes we take different detours, but in the end I believe it will all be good.