Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My First Meme

The thing is I don't know what Meme actually stands for, but have always been good at faking things in context, so here goes.

Thank you Woe for tagging me. I would start with thinking of life in song lyrics also - it is true (ask Flip) but I think recycling is not in the spirit.

So here are my five wierd unique ... factoids:

1. My college roommate played with Springsteen in a band called Steelmill and insisted I see his first shows at a couple hundred person venue called Max's Kansas City. (btw - I think it ultimately caused my friend a depression worthy of Pete Best.)

2. I layout my clothes at night before I go to bed. (This really is an embarassing exercise).

3. I am famous at work for my total openess in discussing my life, family, basically anything. (What irony in as much as I have said, lets just say we left out a few biggies.)

4. My greatest regret - it is still almost too painful to say 26 years later - is that I had tickets the afternoon the Islanders won their 1st Stanley Cup and gave them away to go to my girlfriends college reunion. (It still hurts.)

5. I am unable to tag others - its not that I cannot come up with some names (though 5 would be tough). A corollary to this is that I will not put bumper stickers on my car or political signs on my lawn. Its a privacy thing.

I was not sure how I felt when I was tagged, but I ended up enjoying this - thanks Woe. I needed the diversion.

1 comment:

woe said...

Thanks for playing. I am always afraid to tag someone I barely know. I am glad I did.

I think I should learn to put my clothes out the night before, I might make it on work on time.