Saturday, February 18, 2006

When did I cross?

I came home and told my wife (KA in the future - I think K is already taken in this little universe) how her telephone call that her friend told her husband had affected me. KA pointed out that I had crossed over that particular bridge the night before when I learned her friend knew and I was pretty okay then.

There was only one difference - yet another bump I had not thought about: her friend is a "she" and the husband is a "he". Clearly on some level a guy knowing is different.

A non-sequitor, if you will:
I read Mark's post Sexual Self before and after the phone call. As I thought about it more I realized what was striking was not how true the two paragraphs were - all of us know it - but Mark's introductory words:
"'s something I've said before and something that I've never been able to do."
I am trying - we all are trying - and I thank Mark. It's good not to be in a vacuum.


Cymber said...

I'm kind of surprised your wife didn't see the difference between her friend knowing and her friend's husband knowing. But, at least now you know that there are two more people in the world with whom you can start revealing yourself as you truly are instead of how you wanted to be perceived. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you.

Bibydays said...

I think what fascinates me more, is that I didn't see the difference until after the fact. I am looking forward to the next time we have dinner to see if our usual level of banter continues or if something has been lost.