Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Back On The Road

Driving home last night in a rare moment, I finally got something and when I read my comments Marlan had confirmed it. When Tom told me that in Chicago I could just get in a cab and ask for Boys Town, he was not giving sexual hints. He was pointing me back on the road. This stopped being a journey about sex a while ago. I can e-mail JJ tomorrow and meet in a local motel if that is the only purpose.

So when I go to Chicago, I will not go on CL. I will not go to a bar with that Washington like need not to go home alone.

I will take the cab to Boys Town and will have that beer. It may be alone or maybe with someone else. I may feel comfortable or I may feel out of water. Maybe I will never speak or maybe I will make a friend. Maybe I will never touch and maybe I will be on my knees.

And any of it will be okay because I will go with no road map for a change, I will see the scenery and I will have faith that my choices will reflect my self.

1 AM is for sleeping. “Good Night Moon…”


woe said...

WHatever happens in chicago I hope you enjoy it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

I understand the struggle.


Cal Snow said...

I just found your blog because I started my own and it was suddenly easy to figure out that I am not by myself out here. My new blog is called "lovingbothofyou" and it chronicles a similar struggle. Lets just say I took the cab ride in Chicago (metaphorically speaking). BTW. The main event gay bar in Chicago is called Sidetracks. It is not intimidating. So if you want to give your cab driver a destination I would recommend that one.

marlan said...

Chicago has a number of good places to go to--Sidetracks, Bucks, Roscoes, Touche and the Eagle. Save some time for the Art Institute, too.

Nate said...

Thanks guys
Marlan -I purposefully took a morning i/o evening flight to have time for the Art Institue. I have not been there in 30 years.

Burl said...

Ha, ha! ...Good night mittens.