Sunday, April 23, 2006

Servicemen, Gays and Hope

Reading Spider just now I saw a picture of a serviceman's casket coming off of a plane and remembered something I read and wanted to post easlier this week. Paraphrasing my comment to Spider:

Thanks for posting the picture. One of the more upsetting things about these times is the inherent dishonor in censoring these pictures, a practice our government enforces and defends.

I saw an article last week about an 85 person "baptist church" aka a cult which has been demonstrating at funerals of service men claiming America's acceptance of homosexuals caused the death of the servicemen - a retribution thing. As I was about to sink into depression, I got to the part describing a group of motorcyle riders including Vietnam Vets who will come to these funerals to create a shield between the funerals and the demonstrators - rev the engines if necessary to drown them out. When I read the group numbered 22,000, I was moved beyond words.

The article also discusses the significant number of state laws being enacted to protect the sanctity of the funerals. It seems certain things do trump the inherent homophobia around us, if only for a moment.


Ian said...


I'm familiar with this group, though I don't remember the name off of the top of my head. These are not your average fundamentalist "protesters". They actually celebrate every death of an american serviceman (or woman) as a strike by G-d against the evils of America.

For the record, I do not for a minute believe that these people represent any sort of Christian view on either the war or homosexuality.

Restored Vows said...

Amen Ian! I wholeheardly agree.

I spent 21 years in the military. I am a Christian (albeit backslidden) and have been exploring my "bi-side" since my retirement three years ago. I believe that this is the same fringe group that boycotted the Matthew Sheppard funeral in WY. This is a group of self-rightous hate and NOT the love that Jesus endorsed by his followers.

My own personal views on the current war has changed since my retirement. I will ALWAYS support the troops, regardless if I agree of the policies that took them there. But to boycott a funeral crosses the line in my book. These veterans have an undieing dedication to our country and the ideals that America upholds. For some, they are using the military to improve their socio-economic status. I have never met anyone from the upper-middle or upper classes when I was active duty. Nor did I meet any son or daughter of a member of Congress or the Senate. The military is made up of an all volunteer force currently, and to cheapen a veteran's funeral with a boycott is the ultimate in disrespect.

Can you tell that this is a pet-peeve of mine? May God keep and bless our troops, whereever they serve!

Nate said...

I fear I was too subtle in my phrasing of "an 85 person "baptist church" aka a cult"

These are the same as the Mathew Sheppard case, they are not a church but a cult mostly of a large extended family and they are to be blunt animals.

A side note is that as a liberal democrat it drives me crazy when the current administration in best Nixonian form tries to equate support of the war with support of the troops and patriotism. I support those kids 1000 percent, am a patriot, and am appalled by the war and our current government.

btw Restored Vows - do not mind your Rage suggestions but that is one of the reasons I am seeing a therapist - I know rage (or blind rage as my therapist calls it)is not a good thing.

woe said...

Good post. I'm am of the express view that these bigots have a place reserved in hell if there is one.

Anonymous said...

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