Sunday, April 30, 2006

You Can't Make It Up

Anyone reading this knows these are times of some crisis so what happens. In a fifteen minute period there is humor.

I tell my wife in passing I have switched my font to Verdana; she looks up, hesitates and says “I won’t say it.” I realize and say it for her – “That’s so gay.”

Next I am mentioning golf and my problem. As she already knows, is my vision is bad and I have trouble tracking the ball. I point out we can take up golf when we retire and she "can help me find my balls.” Oops.

So the Today show is on – what can possibly go wrong. The segment comes up on the return of khakis and they have a style editor introducing four examples, each adorning a young male model. In each case you get a close up of the butt and then a zoom on the crotch. Now I am generally mature but I am giggling. This is not happening.

We are not dumb people and our kid has joined us. Time to change stations. As KA clicks to the next station there is that momentary hesitation and we hear the announcement – in the next half-hour a story on the increasing number of same sex parents.

It is time to find another room.

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bear said...

Too funny! These postings can sometimes go so deep into our thoughts that little side notes like these (of what is really happening around you with the family and kids) adds a lot of perspective to the complete package that is your world.