Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Freudian HNT

I admit – I am not a HNT person. It’s not that I don’t want to be one but I have a few things working against me: a wife who is not on board, a technological weakness when it comes to pics (I do the music, KA does the pics) and a home with children and a distinct lack of privacy.

After hearing Woe’s awesome creativity and having Cymber correctly note that I am in a form of hiding, it came to me – what can be a truer picture of me than a dream?

The Dream:
I am walking from our Den to the kitchen carrying two empty wine glasses. These are not fine crystal – Costco by the case goblets. As I walk into the kitchen I brush against the wall and the stems break off the glass.

The next morning was my session with the shrink. I of course tell him the dream and point out I don’t need Sigmund on this one. He asks for my interpretation. Easy – the glasses are KA and I and I am doing damage.

He points out that maybe the glasses are my straight and gay sides. I did not break the goblet portion – they could still be filled. I broke the stems which hold things up. Then, with a smile, he points out that I broke the only straight part of the glass.

Maybe not a photo, but I do feel a bit naked.


Ian said...


I think I like your dreams alot better. Mine involve devils (the literal, not the figurative variety), hostages, automatic weapons and camera crews...go figure.

Take Care and Be Safe,

A Troll At Sea said...


Why is it that we can never see what everyone else can? Even a mirror won't work, because it reverses everything. And why are we always the last ones to notice?

I LOVE that dream.
Dream one for me.

The Troll

Dane said...



Flip said...

I love interpreting dreams. Very interesting.

But are you sure it's not just your unconscious reminding you not to buy stemware at Costco?

Guess that's why you pay your therapist even though blog-advice is free.

Have a good one.