Saturday, April 15, 2006


A month ago Ian left a song verse as a comment – the song was Jubilee by Mary Chapin Carpenter. Part of the song goes:

And I can tell by the way you're searching
For something you can't even name
That you haven't been able to come to the table
Simply glad that you came

'Cause the people who love you are waiting
And they'll wait just as long as need be
When we look back and say those were halcyon days
We're talking 'bout jubilee

Jubilee – a Christian concept that this Jew can appreciate. Today I lived the song. I had to turn where there was a sign for a free car wash and found myself in a Church driveway. I am leaving on vacation in the car tomorrow and truth be told, it needed a wash. Coincidently the CD I was listening to ended and the Gods of Music decided to play Jubilee.

As they started to wash I took out a five. As they continued to wash, I took out a ten. By the end when I realized fifteen people had washed and dried my car I had a twenty out but when I went to give it to them – I said it was a donation for the Church - they flat out refused. Instead they handed me a slip of paper:

Free Car Wash!
We hope this small gift
Brightens your day.

It’s a simple way of saying
“God Loves You”

-----no strings attached-------
Let us know if we can be of more assistance

I drove off, the song ended, and I realized that for a brief moment I had been to the Jubilee.

After 100 days of reading and writing, I head north with the family for a vacation. I am truly looking forward to the time away from everything – yes including my computer. See you all in a week and thank you for a level of support I could never have asked for nor ever imagined.

"We're talking 'bout Jubilee."


A Troll At Sea said...

I don't know how to break this to you, but it was Moses who instituted the Jubilee. All of Israel's inner obligations were re-addressed every seven years [the source of the now lamented "sabbatical year" of academia], and after 49 years the 50th was proclaimed the Year of Jubilee.
I'm not making this up. Take a look in Leviticus, or online:§ion=0&version=nrs&new=1&oq=&NavBook=ac&NavGo=19&NavCurrentChapter=19

Yours with an unsuppressed grin
The Troll

Anonymous said...

The sad part is that I once knew that and it blew right by me.

A slightly chagrined Nate (who is doing this on a Blackberry and in awe of the technological world around me.

Brian said...

Nate, no need for chagrin, the spirit lives. Enjoy!