Thursday, January 12, 2006

Family, Genetics and the Missing Link

Int he last few days read one post about a family scene from the movies (Po) and other comments about the sexual continuum which to some degree we are all on and realized that my family could be a scientific study. We are the gay cluster on the map of life.

My late parents have 9 grandchildren genetically (step grand kids just do not count for this one). Figure that you have to exclude the under ten crowd. That leaves seven. Of the ones over 23 (adults of sorts), there are five of which three are gay. Of the two late teens, suspect one is at least bi if not gay, but time will tell.

Now you would think at some point someone - me, my siblings - would say that its strange for a cluster like this to just appear randomly. Definitely those fruit flies of high school bio would suggest a connection.

I know I am not bringing it up because I am not ready to out myself as bi - can't say why no one else asks. I do feel that at some point before I kick, I owe the gay generation of my family the knowledge that I am at least one of the missing links.

This also brings me to what has become a firmly held belief (for this and other reasons) - Much of who we are, particularly sexually is hard wired. I have a choice whether to give a bj, but no choice when it come to being excited by it.

Anyway, felt the need to say this even if it feels rather mundane even to me.

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