Thursday, January 26, 2006


It’s been an interesting week between P/O, Raven and Ben (and in some fashion Chelsea); lots of commonality. So while I haven’t quite figured out how it ties together for me here goes.

The original working title of this was going to be “I Am The Light of This World”, (a Rev. Gary Davis song done by Jorma Kaukonen). The repetitive theme is “just as long as I’m in this world, I am the light of this world.” Easier said than done, but it goes to the heart of being secure in who you are.

When I was getting divorced some seventeen years ago, I saw a therapist. (In hindsight I realize that the fact neither of us figured out there were issues of sexual identity swirling under the surface may call both of our judgments into question.) I was concerned that my complaints with my soon to be ex-spouse were little petty things, albeit enough to leave me in that dreaded life of quiet desperation. He pointed out that life is a tapestry – one made up of many individual threads and while each thread is minor, it is all that makes up the fabric.

Now I have never met any of you – three weeks of reading your blogs is rather limited – but I am in awe of your willingness to not sweep life under the rug and to question these basics. You are the “light of this world” – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And P/O, if you were my guy, my heart would lighten when I checked the caller ID and I would take the call.

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P/O said...

aw, shucks. well that's certainly nice to read. :)