Monday, January 23, 2006

Far From Heaven

Since I saw Brokeback Mountain, I have had two recurring lines of thought. The minor one is amazement at people's reactions when I mention in passing (which I just love to do) that I saw the movie. The predominant reaction is a laugh, more a giggle, and a pronouncement that they will not see it. Of course they have no clue where I am coming from which makes the reactions all the more interesting. And this in very nearby suburbs of NYC; can't imagine the views in the "heartland."

The more significant portions of my musings relate to Far From Heaven. Having seen it three or four years ago, I am somewhat reticent to make a comparison, but here goes. I liked Brokeback Mountain – a lot; I loved Far From Heaven. The thing is that in Brokeback when Alma sees Ennis and Jack, she is crushed and a number of years later finally points out to Ennis that she knows they weren’t fishing. In Far From Heaven, Julianne Moore pays a surprise visit to her husband’s office and finds him in a compromising position with another man. Not only does her life as she knows it come crashing down (not unlike Alma's), but so does her husbands. This is a family in crisis, not a time of quiet desperation. Obviously I bring my own not insignificant opinions and baggage to the table on this one, but it just seemed so much closer to a reality that I can envision and feel.

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Perfekt Dad said...

I'm reading your blog after not being around for a while...I don't even remember if I've commented before. For obvious reason I can't bring myself to see Brokeback Mountain. I don't even know what I can say to you...but I just wanted you to hear from others like you.