Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Not So Alone

I was going to abandon the blog. It was fun to check some of the blogs I discovered, but was not really relevant to my life. However due to search engines and some persistence, I have started to find blogs of other bi married men.

It is amazing how after years of a certain dormancy, it has become an "issue" at home. My wife knew (actually encouraged) an encounter I had a decade ago and then at then at her request I stopped. She announced a few months ago a "don't ask / don't tell policy" (why this occured is for another post); I was happy with the new policy and have had some encounters, but now it sort of feels like a "presence" lurking in our sex life.

I'm curious as to experiences of others. My wife and I had great sex two nights ago, but I am no longer sure what she is thinking when she has me use the vibrator on myself and reminds me of what a man would feel like. Suppose I should be happy - compared to a fully closeted life, this is much better and it has led to some great sex with her over the years.
Time to go back to the real work - thanks for reading


Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

Welcome to the club. I know you found me and now I've found you. Keeping "talking." All of us bi-MWM have a different perspective to offer whether it be becuase of age or the situation of our circumstances.

Ben said...

Welcome! As you'll be able to tell, some of us have more to say than others, like Raven, or more prose worthy like cp.

It's good to see you here, and let me know if you'd like to chat. Sometimes it's just nice sharing with a live human on the other end. Take care.

Perfekt Dad said...

I'm glad you didn't abandon the blog. I just found it through a reference to you on someone else's.

I haven't posted much lately because things are good. I've thought a LOT about abandoning it too for several reasons...but there are a LOT of good reasons to keep it. One of them being that I'm sure the issues we all think and write about will come back to the forefront for me someday...whether that be sooner or later.


Bibydays said...

My thoughts of abandonment were when I found myself in a blogosphere of young heterosexual oversexed couples. Probably a fun place in person, but not much to do with my current circumstance. Once I happened upon this world (via finding Raven's blog), my abandonment was, well abandoned. I'll stick around.