Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Minor thoughts on guilt

I was going to read other blogs and not post, but after checking out some old posts on perfekt dad, I had direction. We have opposite guilt reactions - Even though I would never cheat on my wife with another woman (not that I don't have the desire on occasion), I feel guilty thinking about it. Somehow masturbating with another women in my mind feels like cheating - there is nothing I can be doing that I could not do with my wife.

I justify myself to thinking about other men without guilt as being acts she could not help with. I appreciate that the reasoning is fallacious at best and solely an attempt to avoid feeling guilty while giving myself pleasure.

This leads to another topic, but will do as a separate post.

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Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

That is not an uncommon reaction at all. I have met guys who feel the same way, but it's still a justification. It may make it easier for you to explore, but don't get caught in that trap if you're not ready for some of the downsides.

Though in the reverse I feel this same way in my attractions to men vs. women. I am attracted to other women all the time, but have a fantastic and wonderful wife at home so it doesn't go much beyond an acknowledgement that the woman is attractive. Though for men I'm much more likely to want to capitalize on an attraction for the same reasons you mentioned. Being with a guy represents things I can't get from my wife so the appeal is much higher.