Thursday, January 19, 2006

An "MWM"

I was considering earlier this week – Monday to be exact – whether to adjust the name on my blog to “MM” which covers the essential facts – married and male. I ultimately decided to leave it alone for fear of confusing anyone who may actually read this, but did feel a word of explanation was appropriate.

Not sure about the rest of the country but here in the New York burbs there is much activity on Craig’s List. CL and I have this love hate thing – I am happy to have a way to have found the few people I have hooked up with. I am appalled (or at least not excited) by much of what is posted on it. Anyway in CL land, I am definitely a “MWM” based on the prevailing language and culture.

I am thrilled to say that between having found one person to satisfy me carnally and having the blogosphere for my emotional and intellectual side, I have not been on CL in two weeks and don’t miss the “meat market.” Still may change the name.

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