Friday, January 20, 2006

Lives of Quiet Desperation

At work today we were discussing a co-worker, a 40 something married man who describes his marriage as a “sentence”. His daughter is going off to college next year and he doesn’t have a clue as to how he will fill the void. (I’m sure not going to suggest that maybe he re-acquaint himself with his wife).

While discussing this, the phrase “Lives of quiet desperation” came to mind. Eighteen years ago my wife and I, still just friends then, came to the conclusion that we would not lead such lives and set out on the course which brought us together, though not without much turmoil in its wake.

This all came together in my mind because I have been considering P/O’s post for the past day. It refers to risk taking in relationships without knowing where it will lead to. In spite of all that I have learned and the prices I have paid (everything comes with a price), that risk is still preferable to a life of quiet desperation.

(Thank you Google for allowing me to learn the phrase is attributable to Thoreau (Walden) and for fighting the government’s subpoena.)

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P/O said...

i definitely agree. as hard as it can be to take that leap, i'm finding that it ultimately feels better than not. whatever the result.