Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Starting Point

While I believe sexual desires are hard wired, going back to conception is a bit much. So while I
probably have always been bi, I came to realize it fully around 15 years ago. (Somewhat realized earlier, but that's for another day). Was recently married (second marriage - still going strong) and was having a great sex life, which probably is how my wife realized I got excited by anal stimulation and was very oral. Had tried buddy booths a few times, but didn't do it for me. We talked about three somes but never got it together (pre-CL and not sure how much she really wanted to).

A few years later (in honor of turning 40) with my wife's encouragement I went to a gay bar in another City on a business trip and was successfully picked up. For that night I ended up being a pure bottom. Will go into the night more in another posting but still remember it clearly 11 years later, especially the feeling when he fucked me the second time when I was on my back and had my legs on his shoulder - it went so deep that by the end it was on edge of hurting but still felt good. Afterwards my wife decided that she was not thrilled with the idea of my doing other guys so I took a decade or so off.

Over the years, she has talked about it in bed - a sure way to get me to cum that second or third time and recently she has pointed out that she doesn't want to know but I need to pursue it; there was one moment when she had me playing with a toy in my ass and took the dildo I thought was for her and started fucking my mouth and I just started cumming and cumming. No denying things then.

Over last few months have hooked up a few times and had some fun oral experiences but still looking for the right fit (figuratively and literally).


sxuly yrs said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! I am glad to hear that your wife is so supportive! Hope you enjoy your blogging experiences!

Bibydays said...

It is a different sphere -
Thanks for the encouragement