Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Almost oops

or why noon is better than 4 AM

So I am with a client and as I am pulling on my coat he asks if I drove or took the train. I tell him I took the train - time to read my book and he naturally asks what I'm reaading.

Now I know what I am reading - started it today and am enjoying it so far: Bi Any Other Name. And I consider the question and momentarily freeze - a very brief moment - and go off on a riff about the book I am listening to at the moment. Thank god it wasn't 4 AM.

On the subject of the current book, I just started it but have been thinking of this quote from it:

I am married and monogamous. Not much of a bisexual you say. Yet my bisexuality influences my perception and my decisions. More than having sexual relations with both genders, bisexuality is a mind frame, a reference point from which to view the world. Being bisexual has more to do with potential than actuality. I happended to meet a man with whom I am compatible. He could have been a she. I do realize I am lucky.

Good stuff, but still the bj's...

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woe said...

I love the quote and will certainly be looking to obtain the book.