Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Or why 4 AM is for sleeping

So last night KA and I had another pre-dawn conversation and she out of the blue asks "Is once a week enough for you?"

Well this is quite aways from don't ask, don't tell, but we do have this new found honesty.

I think about it for a few moments and confess that while I had been seeing him weekly, of late it has been more of a two week cycle and that at two weeks I miss it. Being an honest guy I add that if I were to continue acting out I am not sure this would be the one.

Silence while she absorbs it all and then...
"I was asking about your new therapist."



Cymber said...

Funny...similar conversations have been had in our household. Thankfully, we are at a point now where we can laugh at them. Hope you get there soon, if you're not there already.

Bibydays said...

We did laugh, greatly.While it cannot be shared with many, I think its part of our family lore.

woe said...

lol. Kinda Surreal. I am very wary of having any conversation before about 6:30 am