Thursday, March 09, 2006

Brokeback Marriages and More

I was going to take today off, but mention has been made in some blogs of the NY Times article on Brokeback Marriages. I read it, sent it to KA, and moved on. Considering where the two of us are, there were no revelations.

But while not a revelation, there is something that I keep going back to: The NY Times website tracks the most e-mailed articles for the past 24 hours. Three days out this article is still number 3 and has been as high as number 1. They also track for the past seven days – Brokeback is a more than respectable number 6 and still being sent.

This made me think of another article around six months ago that was a solid number 1 in e-mailing for more than a day. It dealt with a park in Queens – Cunningham Park – where around the corner from the soccer fields was the parking area where guys cruised and the woods they sometimes frequented. Much of the description centered around married men on the way from NYC back to the suburbs – a good days work, quick blowjob, and plenty of time for dinner with the family. (I am proud to say this article came as news to me - not the concept but the specifics - I do have my limits; it somewhat offsets the lingering shame of my last post.)

Someone is reading these articles and are struck enough to e-mail them. GBLT, closeted, voyeurs – who knows – but clearly these topics strike a broad chord. As the X files taught us, we are not alone.

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woe said...

I think these articles provide a means for people to dicuss topics that would otherwise be almost impossible to raise. It helps us to get around a culture of Don't Ask Don't Tell