Friday, March 31, 2006

Five Essential Songs

Living in New York, I am blessed with the best radio station and through the magic of streaming audio anyone can hear WFUV.

While it is only mentioned in passing on my Blog, music is what touches my soul and moves my heart. It is simply put my passion and judging from little things on your blogs, I am far from alone.

They are having a contest - choosing 90 essential songs. Each person is allowed to submit five songs along with their reasons why. This is not an easy task. The contest runs until April 21st which is good because I need time. I plan on posting my results here - I really am not all that much for formal contests anyway - for all to see. Their explanation of this follows:

What are the songs you just can't live without, and why? Be sure to vote in WFUV's listener song poll. Tell us your five essential songs, and why they're important to you. (We'll pick the best reasons and play them on the air.)

I am not much for tagging, but if anyone wants to take the challenge, I would love to see your choices.

Anyway after my last post, I think some lightness may be healthy for me.


Raven in NYC (aka Mark) said...

I have a good and bad place for WFUV in my heart. Good because it is a great radio station with a great, eclectic taste in music (though they can get a little TOO obsessed with some artists). Bad because well in was my college radio station and a collge radio station it is not. Plus when you live 100 yards and eye level from the broadcast tower it's tends to interfere with everything.

Nate said...

I live on the opposite side of NY from Mark and have spent the last decade rooting for them to build that damn tower. Now I understand the neighborhood controversy I occassonaly read about - Sorry guy.

You do have the rest of it right. They also carry on a tradition of eclectic Sunday mornings 8 - 11, on NY radio. I was initiated Easter Sunday 30 years ago with a Steve Goodman live visit that I was fortunate enough to tape.