Friday, March 17, 2006

My Blog

Was not going to post today - work is way too intense, but I had to note the experience I, and maybe some of you, had this morning.

My blog was gone. At first I thought that the work filters had become even more selective, but thats a different nasty screen. Then I had a fellow blogger try (thanks CG) and they also failed, but was kind enough to suggest it may be a blog spot issue, as it was.

The thing was that I was terrified that it was gone. I have some of my posts in the Word files I composed in, but by no means all. I have no record of the comments. I have become attached to this blog.

I am attached to my music and in terror of KA's wrath if I toast her pictures. I have an extra hard drive sitting in my office. I'm unflappable.

I will have to print my blog, find it a warm safe place. It holds way too much of me to have it just disappear into thin air.


Dane said...

Blogger craps out occasionally. It really sucks.

By now, I'd imagine google has your pages saved to its cache as well

Crys said...

Just wanted to let you know that I found your blog and know exactly how you feel. I am also and in love with a beautiful woman.

Ben said...

For what it's worth, this is why I tend to use a bit of overkill on my Blogger setup. I have it e-mail every post that I make to my personal e-mail at home. I do the same w/ all comments I receive.

The first is most definitely a bit crazy, but the comments thing is nice in that I know when comments come in, without having to be in my blog all day long.

Again, for what it's worth. But I also don't expect anyone to be as obsessive compulsive as myself. :)