Saturday, March 18, 2006


I am working but confess to massive distraction. There have been many occasions where I have put my foot in my mouth and wanted to turn back the clock. One gets used to it.

But today I am overwhelmed and I realize why. I did a post in January 12th (how you guys hyper-link to a specific post is still beyond me) concerning the incredible percentage of gay / lesbian family members in the generation below mine. These are people I love and cherish. These are individuals who I consider role models for the younger children – not sexual role models, human role models. I spent twenty minutes on the phone with one of them yesterday, the most pleasant twenty minutes of my day. I struggle with my desire to tell them without just blowing up whatever stability I have created. That time will come.

So the fact that I might have pissed some of you off does upset me. But it pales to my upset of how I would have hurt those I truly love by a careless remark.

I have said my piece and will now move on.

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