Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Biggest Lie

The old joke goes that the biggest lie is either the check is in the mail or (and so appropriate for this corner of the internet) I won’t cum in your mouth.

My vote is “Sticks and stones…” I am a parent (a few times over) and I have not spent much time dealing with sticks and stones. (Maybe we just live in a good neighborhood.) But I have spent a great deal of time dealing with those “words that never harm me.” Us with children have (or will) see the damage done. Us who try will remember our own trials of being on the receiving end.

As you may have guessed I am going back to the subject of yesterday, for hopefully the last time. It seems to me that Dane and I should get the last word on this one There have been comments on my and Dane’s blogs taking various positions. Let me be clear in my view. Dane never attacked me personally but correctly took me to task. It was not just one word – it was the tenor of my posts for a week. I came home from my therapist on Monday and told KA I was better now (sounds like "cured" to me) and she also bitch slapped me.

I think the exchange Dane and I had is an example of how two human beings express their views and reach an understanding. So if the two of us are cool, I hope everyone else is also.

And, words do matter, more, ultimately much more, than “sticks and stones.”


woe said...

Love this post. The scars from words remain long after any physical injury has healed.

Dane said...

On the internet, words are all we really have.

And thanks, I appreciate what you say here in this post