Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Meme

So I am up to my second meme and I still have no clue what the word actually means. C’est la vie. (Actually at dinner KA suggested that it was not “mem” as I was pronouncing it but was “me, me” – as my kids would say, whatever.)

So this incarnation is that I am tagged with a question, answer it, and then tag others with a different question of my choosing. The question can be anything and if it starts a thread, all the better. Cymber tagged me with the following question:

If you rubbed the magic lamp and the genie appeared, for what purpose would you be using your three wishes?

Now before I attempt an answer, a few comments. I am not good at games – it’s the stick in the mud portion of me – but who am I to turn down Cymber. I also am not good at tagging. I have thought much about is since I was tagged once before (and did not tag back) and clearly it is a fear of rejection thing. But this is not the time for such talk.

Clearly the answer is how many ways can you spell PowerBall, but that does not seem in the spirit, and one spelling would be fine.

My first two wishes deal with some of my children who do not really exist in this blog world so I will tread with some care. I have a daughter getting married. She is quite young for this in my opinion though that is the least of my concerns. She has drive and a fire in the belly. He does not. She has out of the blue become the more significant earner. She understands the twin issues in marriages – sex and money. She thinks good sex will always prevail. So Genie – let her accept our offer to postpone the wedding for a year while they find themselves.

The next wish is for a younger child (and clearly has a level of projection in it). She is on the cusp of middle school – a difficult time at best (raging hormones as we call it) and for a geeky kid without much friends a potential living hell. I wish she could magically skip to high school where I suspect she will find herself along with kindred spirits.

I have decided to keep the last wish for me because I have been writing about this damn genie for the past two months. For those who have not been here for the whole ride, I have learned that once the genie is out of the bottle, there’s no putting it back. So Genie, here goes. I wish I had let you out thirty years ago. I had the chances – hell I was living maybe 50 yards from Sheridan Square – ground zero for homosexuality in America – but did not have the courage. I suspect that had I allowed myself freedom then, I would not be wrestling with you today.

So on to the next part of the exercise. My question is: If you could change one choice in your life, what would it be? (Wish someone had tossed me this one – I could riff for a while.)
As previously said, my personality is not one for tagging, so I will not be hurt if anyone chooses not to play, but in the spirit of things:
Dane –( just seems like you were integral to my growth today and as they say no good deed goes unpunished)
Ben –
Anyone else who likes the question


Cymber said...

Okay, first of all, I thought it was "me, me", as well, until Ben enlightened me. Apparently, KA and I are sharing brain waves.

Secondly, thanks for playing. I have rejection issues, myself, so I appreciate you not leaving me hanging.

Thirdly, I think you had a beautiful answer to my question and I love that you shared it with us.

And last, I actually almost did ask you that very question, but I held back. I thought it might be too difficult a question and after thinking about Turtle and Oscar dying in a big ball of meteor-related catastrophe, I thought the genie might be more fun.

Thanks again for playing along. I always enjoy hearing your perspective.

Sean said...

I don't know if I'm allowed to chime in and play, but can I answer both questions?

First, the genie one. I'd ask for these three things (not necesarily in this order): Love, Money and Physique. Love, in the form of a man with whom I could share my soul, and who would share his back. Money, in the form of a lot of 100's. Hundreds of Thousands of them. Enough to never have to work or worry about $$. (I know it sounds so superficial, but the LOVE wish is supposed to counter that.) Physique. Since I'd have the love and the money, why not satisfy my inner longing for some real meaty muscleman to be the one who's loving me. Yeah, muscle is my fetish, and yeah I've tried counseling-- to no avail.

And the second question: What would I go back and change? I'd have never married. I hurt the woman so much. It wasn't that fun for me either. And yet, if we hadn't married, we wouldn't have two fantastic sons whom we both love madly. So, there's the rub.

Nate said...

Anyone is allowed - at least on my blog
Nate fka Bibydays

chelsea girl said...

I would choose not to have taken out quite so many student loans. And perhaps to have gone to the dentist a bit more regularly.

And I definitely would have put my Gucci glasses in a place where my puppy couldn't reach them.

And I might not have eaten that oyster that one time.

woe said...

Letting the genie out the bottle. Damn does that not ring true. Great answers

Bibydays said...

I normally would not answer my own question, but Chelsea Girl's answer is the mirror image of mine. I would have taken out student loans. I was accepted to a good school which gave me a nice piece of change - I attended. I was also accepted to an Ivy league school which offered me some meager work study. Should have taken some loans and gone there but what would life be without some regrets.

Dane said...

I actually can not answer this publicly. Nate, I'd be happy to answer this privately in an e-mail if you want to know the specifics.

As a very generalized answer: the one thing I would do differently more than any other thing is to not allow my wif and I to undertake our last shared job.

Nate said...

Okay guys - this is getting scary.

CG has already given an answer which is the polar opposite of my number 1 thing. Now Dane has given an answer which is the polar opposite of one of my top five things. KA and I worked together -it is where we met and we continued to work together for a number of years after we were married. Due to a confluence of events, working together came to an end and it is something we both do miss.